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Tommy King, a talented artist from Egypt, captivates audiences with his exceptional skills in roller skating and oriental dance. Starting his journey at the age of 10, Tommy displayed a remarkable talent for roller skating, earning numerous accolades for his performances. However, Tommy's artistic pursuits didn't stop there. He developed a deep passion for oriental dance and seamlessly integrated it with his roller skating, crafting a unique and captivating style.

Tommy's performances have taken him on a journey around the world, from the vibrant streets of Cairo to stages in Tokyo and beyond. With each performance, Tommy mesmerizes audiences with his energy and creativity. Beyond his captivating performances, Tommy serves as a mentor to aspiring artists, generously sharing his knowledge and inspiring others to pursue their artistic dreams.

As an Egyptian artist, Tommy King proudly represents the rich cultural heritage of his homeland. Through his artistry, he showcases the talent and vibrancy of Egypt's artistic scene, leaving a lasting impression on all who have the privilege of experiencing his performances.

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