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Khadijah is a teacher, dancer, ethnologist of African in origin Arabic style dances and choreographer for 22 years. I am very thankful to be considered one of the most influential names in Arabic dance and folklore. I am based in Denver, CO (USA), I am of Kenyan descent born in KSA. I am known for having unique didactics of Afro-Arabian Folklore, music and its cultural aspects. In fortunate addition to being highly sought after in the Denver community I can be seen performing live in Denver's top establishments. I am thankful to have been invited in the past and current to teach and perform in various US states and abroad. I continue to perfect my dance education by studying with great masters and composers of Afro-Arabian Dances worldwide. I constantly travel to improve my approach, stylization, technique and cultural aspects of the dances and the culture embedded deep within the foundations of the African diaspora. I am the Owner and creator of various online platforms that already have students, dancers and musicians from all over the world to enjoy.





3:00PM - 5:00PM

Step into the world of Khaleeji dance with Khadijah from Saudi Arabia. In her workshop, she goes beyond the basics, teaching you the traditions and etiquette of the dance along with the movements.


Khadijah introduces fancy footwork and upper body techniques, showing you how to express emotions through the dance. Safety is a priority as she teaches head and neck movements carefully.


Whether you're a beginner or experienced dancer, Khadijah's workshop is a friendly place to learn and enjoy Khaleeji dance. Join her to discover the beauty of this cultural art form.

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