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Kelvia Mitri-Meda, born in Puerto Rico, is a highly acclaimed figure in the realm of oriental dance. As a distinguished professional, coach, and choreographer, she owns the Viva Dance & Fitness Center for the Arts and founded the Middle Eastern Dance Academy of CT. With a repertoire spanning 16 dance styles, Kelvia's performances are internationally recognized for their Lebanese-influenced flair. She has earned numerous awards and accolades, including being crowned Queen of the Heart of American 2019 at the international dance festival. Kelvia's artistry reflects her dedication to cultural enrichment, cultivated through training experiences in the Middle East and mentorship under luminaries such as Nourhan Sharif and Madam Raqia Hassan. Her unique blend of techniques captivates audiences worldwide, making her a true icon in the oriental dance community.



Beyond Boundaries: Reimagining the classics with modern Lebanese flair


9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Song: Fi yom wi leila remake by Elie Attieh (taught length of 4:22 min or 3:31min)

Elevate your dance beyond the ordinary!

In this immersive experience, you'll explore the fascinating similarities, differences and unique

nuances of Egyptian and Lebanese dance styles, gaining insights that will enrich your dance journey.

Kelvia will guide you through a dynamic modern oriental dance choreography incorporating

Lebanese stylization and Egyptian techniques. Her method of instruction pushes the boundaries,

inviting you to break free from convention and explore your own artistic voice. Prepare to be

challenged with innovative combinations, receive personalized performance tips, and be empowered to infuse your individual style into every movement.

Kelvia's unparalleled fusion of her Latin heritage with Lebanese stylization, all while rooted in

Egyptian technique, forms the essence of her distinctive artistry. Don't miss out on this

opportunity to dance beyond the ordinary and embark on

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