Rachid Alexander is a well-educated Oriental dancer born on the island of Curacao. He was inspired by the intriguing art of oriental dance when he was a little boy, whilst he was visiting a theme park in the Netherlands. Once he had returned to the island of Curacao he decided to learn the art of oriental dance and was trained by Zareefa al Noor and took lessons at the MEDE (Middle Eastern dance exchange) in Miami with other great dance teachers and masters.


Now residing in The Netherlands, he is one of Europe’s most sought after male belly dancers. Rachid performs all over Europe, the USA, Asia and The Caribbean in dance festivals, expos and galas. He teaches workshops to share this art and has judged several dance competitions.


Highlights of his dance career include; dancing in the Antilles and wining the first
 prize during the Talent show at the University of the Netherlands Antilles. Performing at the prestigious Amstel hotel, Holland Casino and the annual Society lunch for many well-known Dutch Stars in The Netherlands. Touring during the Dunya Festival, Afrika Tage festival and being chosen as one of the best acts amongst the 2500 auditions in Holland’s Got Talent have also been great achievements during his career.


Rachid has also been featured several times in magazines, newspapers and in TV programs.

His dance style can be described as intricate, passionate and dynamic.


Full of dynamic energy and passion he reveals the beauty of oriental dance on Middle Eastern rhythms!!!


Rachid Alexander



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