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Pierre Haddad

"Are you ready to elevate your Middle Eastern dance skills to new heights? Look no further than the workshops of internationally-acclaimed artist and master instructor, Pierre Haddad. With over 35 years of experience studying and performing Middle Eastern performing arts, Pierre has established himself as a leading expert in the field, sharing his knowledge and skills with dancers from around the world.

Starting his dance training at the Georgette Gebara, Pierre studied classical ballet before delving into the world of Dabkeh and performing on international stages with superstars such as Fairouz, Sabah, Majida el Roumi, Salwa el Atrib, and Romeo Lahoud. He also had the honor of being a part of the dance troupe of the legendary Nadia Gamal, known for her classical Raqs sharqi style of the Golden Era.

In Egypt, Pierre is a respected Master Instructor and Judge in the prestigious Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival, where he is known for his contagious charisma, incomparable style, and clear teaching methods. He creates a challenging yet accessible environment for dancers to feel confident and brings forth their unique expressions.

Pierre has taught students from around the world, traveling to countries such as the US, Puerto Rico, Ukraine, Spain, Tunisia, and many others. His workshops have been extremely successful, leaving participants inspired and motivated to continue learning and growing in their dance journey. In addition, Pierre has also been a judge in international dance competitions, further solidifying his reputation as a leading expert in the field of Middle Eastern dance.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a true master in the field of Middle Eastern dance. Sign up for Pierre Haddad's workshop today and experience the passion, grace, and beauty of Middle Eastern dance in a whole new way. You will learn the techniques and choreography that preserve the classical Raqs sharqi style of the Golden Era, and reflect the influence of Nadia Gamal. Join the countless dancers who have already been inspired by Pierre's teaching and take your dance to the next level with him, as he guides you with his expertise and experience as a judge in international competitions

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