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Moria Chappell

Moria Chappell travels the globe performing, teaching, researching and creating an array of fusion dance and performance art. With muscular bellydance technique as her core methodology, Moria explores ancient methods of physical language and body articulation to create an exquisite and rich pastiche of original and experimental dance.

Moria has traveled to Thailand, India, Cambodia, Singapore, China, Hawaii, Tahiti, Easter Island, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey and beyond to find the oldest styles of temple and sacred dance to learn and incorporate into her field of study, performances, and workshops.  With over 24 years of touring dance and teaching experience across 53 countries and because of her eye witness and first hand exposure to the lands and people of the pockets of the Earth that still hold ancient dances intact, her research, creations, and teaching methodology is unique, genuine, and authentic.

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