Modern international bellydance star and demanded teacher of workshops worldwide. In the last two years, she has been invited to many countries such as Russia, Ukraine, China, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Morocco, France, Germany. This year she is a teacher at the world's top festival "Ahlan Wa Sahlan " by madame Raqia Hassan in Cairo, Egypt.

She is the winner of multiple international competitions abroad. To name a few of her victories, 1st place on Tito Seif Al Ahram Festival in Spain/Valencia 2014, IDO Benelux champion 2014, Orient Addicts in Poland, Cairo By Night Festival in France/Paris.

Loretta is known for her smooth and graceful movements with special technical skills and strong precise muscle control. Her passion for bellydancing started at the age of 15. In her childhood, she has danced jazz, ballet and done gymnastics.

Apart from taking some workshops at international bellydance festivals, she never had a teacher. She taught herself intensively every single day. Her hard work, passion and dedication resulted and allowed her to create her very own unique style.


from The Netherlands