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Kamilia is a Performer, Master Teacher, Choreographer, Artistic Director and Producer, with 25 years of experience. She has performed and taught courses in more than 40 countries across the Arab world, Europe, Asia and the Americas. 


Kamilia is the creator of the “Arabic Musicality Methodology for Foreigners”, which teaches dancers how to listen, feel and move to Oriental music like Arab natives. 


She started her career in Oriental Dance at the age of 13. At age 15, she made her first performance in Cairo, Egypt.


At 19, she traveled to Lebanon to participate in an audition for the show Alf Layla w Layla, directed by Abdel Khalim Caracalla, for which she received the role of Soloist. As a member of the company, she studied 8 hours a day with the greatest masters of the Caracalla Theatre Company for 10 years. 


Kamilia performed at the most prestigious theaters in Lebanon and several other Arab countries, such as Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and many others. 


She was nominated the Lebanese LBC TV girl, receiving the title of the youngest talent from the Arab world.


She was the first foreign dancer in Egypt to obtain a contract in a 5 star hotel, a position previously only held by Egyptian dancers.


Kamilia produced and directed her own shows in Cairo, which included an orchestra with 30 musicians and dancers from the prestigious Reda Troupe. 


Kamilia speaks fluently all dialects of Arabic, in addition to 5 more languages.


She is certified by the Nokabah el Fanieh, which gives her the right to be a teacher, producer and artistic director in the Arab world. 


During her brilliant career in the Arab world, Kamilia performed for emperors, kings and queens, and won the hearts of legendary dancers like Souhair Zaki and Lucy, who became her Godmothers in Oriental Dance.


In the year 2000, Kamilia was ranked as one of the 5 best dancers in the Arab world by the prestigious Egyptian newspaper El Haram. 


Kamilia currently resides in Florida, USA. She continues her work with online courses, workshops, master classes, producing shows and choreographies, teaching in schools and universities and co-producing with renowned artistic directors in Lebanon and Egypt. 


Kamilia is also the Director of Ishtar Congress, an international cultural event in the United Arab Emirates, which promotes Oriental Dance and Arabic Culture, supported by the Abu Dhabi Ministry of Culture.