Angel Bellydance

Angel Bellydance (also known as G Angel Roman) has been known for her spicy Latin-Bellydance Fusion and has a deep passion for expressing her Latin culture through dance. She is a classically trained dancer of many styles including Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Latin Dance, Flamenco and Belly Dance. Angel began her dance training in elementary school and began her professional dance, modeling and acting career at the age of 18.


Angel's experiences include teaching dance in numerous dance studios and performing in countless cruise ships, hotels, resorts, movies, TV commercials and music videos. She is the founder and former president of Dance and Arts Masters Inc., currently located in Puerto Rico and was named "Teacher of the Year 2003" at The Bronx Dance Theater. Angel has had the privilege of performing and teaching in various cities such as NYC, San Juan (Puerto Rico), Orlando, Denver, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Washington DC. Angel is well known for utilizing her classical dance training along with her cultural dance training. Her goal is to always bring together students and pro dancers of different genres and cultures to appreciate each other through the passion we ALL share…dance!

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Angel Bellydance

Angel Bellydance

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