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Orlando Bellydance Convention is delighted to deliver to you the very best of Master Instructors from all around the World.  We take pride in seeking out the Experts in Showcasing their Professional Skills and Talent in the Art of Bellydance, Oriental Dance and Tribal Dance in both Traditional and Fusion Styles. 

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn, perform, compete, watch and/or shop in our convention. And more important, to inspire and be inspired!


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Our Instructors
in 2022

The Orlando Bellydance Convention is proud to present a fantastic assemble of artists:  Rachid AlexanderSadie, Lebanese Simon, Loretta, Samantha Diaz,  Angel Bellydance, and Esraa Ward and more … 

Immerse yourself in workshops with world-renowned instructors! Watch them perform live! Be captivated by their artistry! 


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